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How European Tilt and Turn Windows Increase the Property Value of Your Home.

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Some key points on how European tilt and turn windows will both increase your home value, and save you money.

European tilt and turn windows will help you equip your home with elite quality, increased value, and maximum security, all in a variety of breathtaking designs originating from all over Europe. These windows, once installed, will raise the value of any home or property thanks to several of the product’s key features.

The first is, of course, the beautiful modern aesthetic of design.

At Liongate, we offer five different profile collections named after five different European cities known for precisely their elegant and unique architectural design schools. For example, our Prague collection is the quintessential European standard: steel reinforced, multi-chambered vinyl pockets, a multipoint locking system, and a smooth exterior laminate finish, while our London collection features a bolder, more industrial aluminum exterior with hidden sash options for optimal frame thickness.

All of our luxury window collections, including those mentioned above, share a unique design operation that distinguishes them significantly from other windows.

A “tilt and turn” is an innovative window design that allows its sash to open on multiple axes, creating different kinds of controlled air flow. Windows outfitted with tilt and turn technology can be tilted inward to open about 6-8 inches from the top, or turned inside for a full opening, creating maximum air flow. Each of our five window collections are designed with this technology, making them — the home or property they’re installed in — an increase in dollar value on design and product quality alone.

A study by the Canadian government shows that in Canada in 2010, there was an attempted break-in every 2 minutes. This number is increasing in our current year, but our tilt and turn design includes a high-end multipoint locking system, which means the product locks in several different places around the window. This coupled with our laminated safety glass, makes our windows essentially break-in-proof.. The security features are designed to add a value that is priceless, protecting your loved ones from harm, protecting your possessions, and also standing firm during harsh weather conditions. Our locking system combined with multiple options for laminated safety glazing and increased glass thickness also ensure that our collections provide your home with airtight insulation and maximum energy ratings, saving you money [and energy] every day.

In fact, our windows genuinely pay for themselves in heating and cooling costs alone.

On average, studies show buyers of European windows for an average home saving enough on their heating and cooling expenses to make back their initial investments within 15 years of installation. Most people have to replace their windows by then, but our windows boast of an average 50-year lifespan, earning you twice the money you spent on your initial investment!

New homes with European tilt and turn windows are selling easier and and for increased value, when compared to homes with conventional windows. Invest today and make an extra $20,000 or more by spending a little more up front on your windows purchase. The implications for your home investment are substantial: you'll conserve your home’s energy consumption substantially, get the most out your heating and cooling systems, protect your loved ones better with enhanced security, and your property will be set apart with a stunning new aesthetic, dramatically increasing its value. Do it all with Liongate Windows.

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