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Make Your Windows an Asset with Liongate Tilt and Turn Technology

Liongate Windows is dedicated to discovering, developing, and producing windows that provide the highest safety and efficiency via the most innovative window technology available — the “Tilt and Turn”. “Tilt and Turn” technology is rapidly becoming more popular among the North American home and, as a result, is replacing standard North American windows as an essential asset.

Assets make you money. Which is exactly what tilt and turn technology will do for you. We will show you how.

Standard North American windows fall into three different window systems: sliding windows, casement windows, and awning windows. Sliding windows open and close with the sash sliding left to right, while casement and awning windows open outward using a crank.. The problem with standard North American windows is “air flow”. Cranking a window outward obstructs with the winds natural tendency to flow and circulate, so when air comes in contact with a window that is adjusted outward, it only captures a small percentage of the air flow that it could potentially transfer into a home or building. In the same regard, a sliding window design is a failed attempt to create a larger amount of airflow, allowing merely 50% of the openings space to direct air into a home. This causes you to have your AC on blast during the summer, which escalates cooling costs that can be avoided with a better designed window.

Tilt and Turn technology (a German-engineered system) has three game-changing features that allow for maximum airflow. These features are: “tilt in”, “micro-ventilation”, and “full operation”. Our European design respectfully outmatches any feeble attempt by window manufacturers to create a maximum amount of airflow into a building. This allows for you to use your windows in the way that they were meant to be designed.. To allow for more light and to actually open them!

European windows offer countless monetary advantages over standard North American windows.

Another is that European window frames tend to be thicker than standard North American frames, while the glazing spacer is warm-edged and hidden, compared to a standard North American frame, where the spacer is usually aluminum and in-line with the frame, making a terrible insulative mistake costing you thousands of dollars over time. [Aluminum spacers are a huge no-no when choosing a window, because the poor insulative factor not only makes it colder in winter (and hotter in summer), but also creates pesky condensation in any weather.]

Moreover, the panes in European windows tend to be spaced further apart, and are 33% thicker than North American window panes, making for a more protective, better insulating window. The space between the glass is a key factor in increasing the insulative value of a window.. The bigger the spacer, the more air (or gas), (the more distance) the harder it is to affect the other side (your home).

European Tilt and Turn windows also use a perimetral multi-point locking system which is essentially break-in-proof, where the standard North American window uses a single or dual-locking mechanism, basically giving burglars all of your prize possessions and risking the lives of your loved ones... The average break in rate in Canada according to the Government of Canada in 2018 is one every 10 seconds.. So be fair warned - not having a multipoint locking system in today’s crazy world is risking the worst.

In conclusion, while the standard North American window has served North American home and property owners for decades, Tilt and Turn windows are quickly becoming assets for those across the continent. At Liongate Windows, we’ve recognized this, and are committed to providing you with the safest, highest quality windows out there.

Request a quote today to save you money and to start towards living a better, more peaceful life.

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