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Our innovative European standard.

With multiple vinyl pocket chambers, steel-reinforcement, and multipoint locking, industry standards have, no doubt, been raised. Steel- reinforced uPVC is our most affordable product line with high quality standards that increase open air flow, security, and appeal. Glazing options are available in double or triple glass with several types of warm-edged spacers to optimize energy efficiency.


Steel-reinforced uPVC with a sleek, exterior aluminum finish.

Aluminum Clad uPVC has all of the performance perks of steel reinforced uPVC with the bonus of having a more modern, commercial exterior finish with hundreds of colour options from European swatches such as RAL, and other textured options such as anodized, wood grain, and matte colour. This hybrid-series is designed to make commercial windows better insulated and more affordable.

Aluminum Clad uPVC Windows.jpg


Bold aluminum frames with modern, commercial taste.

Our commercial aluminum series has everything an industry professional desires. With hidden sash options to reduce frame thickness, high rises and luxurious estates will standout among the competition... With tilt and turn technology, property owners and developers will have an edge in the latest innovations of today's modern world at their fingertips.

Modern Alumnimum Windows.jpg


Luxury Wooden Profile Series.

With treated wood species options in natural pine, oak, larch, and exotic wood, the average residential home or cottage now has access to the best of the best. Our wood series is designed to optimize energy efficiency and provide homeowners with a window that will outperform all of its competition. 

Wood Windows.jpg

Fenestration for the Elite.

Luxury wood windows with a commercial, exterior finish. The windows and doors industry has been raising its standards over the past decade. We are confident that there has not yet been a product as impressive as our Zürich Collection. This is not only the highest quality window of its class, it's also the most energy efficient window on the market.

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